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Current Student Testimonials

"The support provided through the SSS services is a direct result of my matriculation."

"Student Support Services is extremely beneficial for each and every student that uses its resources."

"Allow at-risk students to have a fighting chance to obtain a college degree."

"SSS has made a major contribution to my academic career."

"I was able to receive free tutoring and a scholarship to help fund my education."

"Without the generosity of SSS, I would not be in school and forced to graduate at a later date."

"They have created an environment where students can excel academically and financially by having programs that educate students on how to write tremendous papers, budget your funds, and how to be successful in their careers."

"More than anything, they hold students accountable for their success by establishing and maintaining personal relationships that empower them to accomplish their goals.

"SSS is and has been vital to my success. If not around I'm feel that I am doomed to fail."

"The organization truly helped, shaped, and ushered me toward success but more importantly towards GRADUATION!"

Student Support Services

Student Support Services