Personal Narrative Instructions

Please attach an essay responding to the following three items. Your content, critical thinking, and writing style will provide important information about your understanding of the goals and values of the social work profession. Please be concise and direct. The essay must be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font, with font size 12, 1 inch margins, and must not exceed three (3) pages of content (you may include an extra page for references if necessary). The essay should include:


  1. Your motivation for pursuing a social work career. Discuss significant factors influencing your decision to pursue a degree in Social Work (a) why you want to pursue professional social work education at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, (b) what your social service or social change interests are, and (c) what your personal career goals are.
  2. Your capacity for professional social work education: Briefly summarize your strengths and/or limitations, including emotional or social, which might enhance or limit your study.
  3. Social problem analytical essay. Briefly describe a major social problem of great concern to you. Discuss (a) key societal and other factors that contribute to the problem, (b) plausible strategies to solve the problem, (c) any challenges or ethical dilemmas that might arise when trying to solve the problem, and (d) if relevant, personal or professional experiences that have contributed to your understanding of the problem.