COS Pivot Tutorial Links:

COS Pivot (formerly Community of Science) is a searchable database of funding opportunities.

It is user-friendly and has features that allow you to search for sources of external funding or

potential collaborators. They have a variety of online tutorials that are short, well explained,

and accessible all the time. You can also download our quick start guide. You will need to

register using your email address, but the PIVOT search is a separate account and

should use a distinctly different password.



How to Access COS Pivot


Quick Start Guide to Using Pivot



PIVOT Youtube tutorials Channel (Autoplay Audio Warning)


Getting started with PIVOT Playlist


Pivot Funding Playlist


Your COS Pivot Home Page Playlist


Pivot Profiles


Further Questions?

Please feel free to contact Todd Doman (, one of UTC’s Grant Specialists,

or any other member of the ORSP office for help in finding or applying for external funding