Tony Parsley is not a native of Chattanooga, just talk to him for a few seconds and you will quickly determine he is not from the South. But don’t hold that against him...Chattanooga Is Home! Tony and his beautiful wife Angela have three kids: two girls and a newly adopted boy that they acquired in 2013.

Tony started off as a Network Systems Analyst for the University in 1999. His primary responsibilities included Microsoft and Novell related technologies such as Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and Netmail. In 2002, Tony started managing the Systems & Operations team. His responsibilities included overseeing the Systems and Operations group and planning and coordinating activities with other teams, performing project planning and reporting, developing metrics, and developing professional development activities for staff. 

Tony has recently accepted a new role as the head of Client Services. He will be responsible for taking Client Services to the next level, in providing top notch support for the whole University.  Tony has just celebrated his 15th year of service at this fine University.

5 Questions

What's the biggest change you've experienced? My biggest change has been a personal one. In January of 2012 my wife Angela and I took in a 3 year old boy who was going into the foster care system. This child was one of 5 siblings being placed into the system. We did not know the parents or this family. We only knew we wanted to help. Whether it was short term or long term we wanted to see the family reunited. We never entertained the idea that a year later we would be calling this child son. We're blessed to have him in our lives. This child fits in very well into our family, and now has what every child should have, stability.

Cats or Dogs?  NO CATS! Y'hear!

Name a hobby that you would turn into a career if it were possible? Professional PC gamer. 'Nuf said.

Where is the farthest place you have traveled? The farthest is Kiev, Ukraine, but I've also been to the tiny village of Alis, Peru.

If you were a detective, who would be your sidekick? My sidekick would be Brenda Cummings. She has all the tools and skills to get the job done!