Job Responsibilities

Stephen designs, deploys, and manages data center solutions, and assists with IT infrastructure solution design and integration.

 Although a Chattanooga native, Stephen Leather has seen the world. Okay, parts of the world. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1996 and spent the next six years training for and then running nuclear power plants. He's lived in Orlando and Seattle, and visited San Diego, Honolulu, Hong Kong, and the Middle East while on deployments. In 2002, he started at UTC's Lupton Library as the Evening Circulation Supervisor. Three years later, he accepted the brand new Library IT Specialist position. For the next seven years, he happily worked as the "Lone Ranger of Library IT," supporting all of the library's in-house technologies and many of the online systems. In early 2012, he transferred to Enterprise Applications and has been having a blast designing, building, and supporting systems and services that make life better for people at the University. 

5 Questions

What are some you your first memories of the internet? For the graphical internet, pop-ups; but before that there was Gopher. I remember sitting in Grote Hall following the Gopher trail of servers and thinking to was so cool being logged into a server in the Netherlands or somewhere.

What is the most embarrassing album you've paid good money for? Lou Bega - Mambo No.5. I just got sucked in.

Biggest advantage or disadvantage to working more with computers than with people? Advantage: I get to work on, and try to improve, services that have many interacting parts and which affect may people. For instance, I'm responsible for a new login system on campus; if that stops working, people can't do what they need to do. So I've been having flashbacks to running a nuclear power plant on a ship. If it stops, you've got problems. Disadvantage: I'm removed from customers so I don't always get the full picture of their needs.

Worst job you've ever had? In the Navy, I was briefly on the team that maintained a men's head (restroom and showers). Shipboard urinals are the worst.

Soda of choice? I don't really drink soda much anymore, but I LOVES me some lemonade!

Selected Resumé

Information Technology, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, April 2012-Present

IT Data Center Administrator, September 2016-Present

With a team, designs, builds, and supports Data Center services and systems using VMware, Microsoft, Dell, EMC, Red Hat, Oracle, Tegile, and other virtualization, storage, networking, and cloud technologies. Performs regular maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, and performance evaluation of Microsoft Windows and Linux systems.

IT Application Administrator, April 2012-August 2016

With a team, designs, builds, and supports the Identity and Access Management service and systems using NetIQ, Red Hat, Microsoft, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache, and other technologies. Performs regular maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, and performance evaluation of the IAM and other Linux-based systems.

Lupton Library, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, July 2002–April 2012

Information Technology Specialist Aug 2005–April 2012
    •    Design, implement, and maintain systems and services, including public computing, backup, storage, print, and web services.
    •    Install, setup, and maintain approximately 300 library computers and peripherals.
    •    Provide technical support and troubleshooting to library staff and customers.
    •    Provide formal and informal training to library staff and customers.
    •    Operating systems experience: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, Server 2000/2003/2008; Mac 
OS X; Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch).
    •    Other experience: MS Active Directory, MS SharePoint, MS Office, Deep Freeze, Apple 
Remote Desktop, Oracle, Novell ZENworks, TCP/IP networking, wireless, networked printing, MediaWiki, WordPress, VTLS Virtua integrated library system, and the ILLiad/Ariel interlibrary loan systems.

Course Reserves Coordinator Nov 2002–Aug 2005

Maintained an inventory of over 2800 course reserve items for over 250 University faculty members using Microsoft Office and the Library’s automated cataloging system. Worked with the faculty to provide these items in a timely manner to their students.

Evening Supervisor for Access Services July 2002–Aug 2005 

Supervised 4-8 Circulation and Access Services student workers for 100 hours per week of customer service duties at the circulation desk and other library operational duties. Developed a formal training program for student workers. Supervised the Library’s physical condition and security during night and weekend hours. 

Other Duties and Accomplishments
    •    Awarded a rating of “Distinguished” for the 2006 UTC Staff Performance and Development Review.
    •    Performed all necessary system administration duties from August 2006 to December 2006 in the absence of a library systems administrator.
    •    Served on various library governance and search committees.

United States Navy, Feb 1996–Feb 2002

Reactor Dept. Technical Publication Library Supervisor Mar 2000–Feb 2002

Planned and supervised the day-to-day actions of 6 individuals. Responsible for the inventory, maintenance, and revision of over 2200 operations and technical manuals of differing levels of security classification. Conducted technical research to assist operational divisions in maintenance and repair activities, and in writing and requesting changes to operations and maintenance procedures.

Reactor Controls Division Maintenance Technician Feb 1998–Feb 2002

Performed preventive and corrective maintenance on reactor instrumentation and control equipment to ensure ship readiness and safety.

Reactor Operator/Shutdown Reactor Operator Feb 1998–Feb 2002

Performed normal and emergency reactor control operations while monitoring power plant conditions to maintain ship readiness and safety.

Other Duties and Accomplishments
    •    Awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for outstanding performance of duties during the Operational Reactor Safeguards Exam of 2001.
    •    Awarded a Commanding Officer’s Commendation Letter for outstanding performance during the Operational Reactor Safeguards Exam of 2000.
    •    Held a Confidential level government security clearance.
    •    Advanced to Electronics Technician (Nuclear) First Class prior to discharge.
    •    Discharged from the U.S. Navy under Honorable conditions.
    •    Provided formal and informal training to technicians on operations and maintenance