Search for Outside Scholarships


Good information to know about outside/private scholarships:

  • The application and eligibility process is determined by the organization/donor.
  • Generally, these funds will be sent directly to UTC rather than to you. Often, donors will send the scholarship check to the student, paid to the order of UTC.
  • Unless otherwise noted by the donor, our office reserves the right to distribute funds in the student's best interest.
  • All scholarships (state, institutional/departmental and private outside) are considered in your total financial aid package and may result in a reduction of other financial aid awarded.

If you receive an outside scholarship check, forward it to the following address along with all award correspondence from the donor. Include your UTC student ID on the check.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, Dept #4805

615 McCallie Ave.

Chattanooga, TN 37403


These resources are listed for your benefit and should be researched thoroughly prior to submitting any personal information. Neither our office nor the University endorse or support any of the sources listed below.