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Chemistry and Physics


Notes on How to Request an Override in the Department of Chemistry and Physics

The link provided here gives directions for requesting an override in chemistry, physics, astronomy or general science classes.

**If you are requesting an override to either repeat a course that you have already passed or take a lecture without lab (or vice versa) these overrides will be handled in mid-summer by the respective faculty member found in the directions.**


The primary goal of the Department of Chemistry and Physics is to uphold a commitment to excellence in undergraduate education and to facilitate student success in these challenging disciplines. Along with the relevant Biology courses, Chemistry and Physics provide an excellent preparation for professional health related fields such as graduate programs, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. While many students pursue these career goals, others enter the workforce directly after graduation. Still other students enter graduate school to become research scientists.

Congratulations to Logan, Sarah, Sophia, Dr. Lee and Dr. Pienkos on their recent publication in Inorganic Chemistry Communications!

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Congratulations to Elizabeth, Sam and Dr. Potts on their recent publication in Analytical Methods!

Analytical Methods Paper Screen Shot