Full Missions

 Mission Price: $500

Full Mission is a 2 hour simulation that includes commanding Mission Control, launching into space on the shuttle, and conducting research in the Space Lab. There are 3 full mission scenarios: Rendezvous with Comet Halley, Voyage to Mars, and Return to the Moon.

  • Maximum 34 participants (36 for Mars Mission)
  • 5th grade reading level required
  • Mission preparation materials included


rendezvous with a cometRendezvous With Comet Halley: It is the year 2062.  Our space craft is moving towards Halley's Comet, which made its last closest encounter to Earth in 1986.  Seventy-six years later, our crew has two hours to rendezvous with the comet and launch a scientific probe towards it to gather scientific information about it.  How has the comet changed in the past 76 years?  Only a successful probe launch will tell us.

Comet Mission Prep Packet including Activities


return to the moonReturn To The Moon: In this mission, our crew strives to achieve the first lunar landing since 1972 with the ultimate goal of establishing a permanent lunar base that will serve as a staging area for further solar system exploration. As the crew moves toward our closest neighbor, they will capture a probe containing lunar samples to study. While reconfiguring the probe to become an equipment module, best locations are ultimately made for Moon habitability. A complete team effort is required for the ultimate challenge - a safe and successful lunar landing.

Moon Mission Prep Packet including Activities


voyage to mars


Voyage To Mars: Our voyage begins in the year 2076 with a relief crew in route to the Red Planet. The mission: to relieve the existing Mars Crew that has manned Mars Control for the past 2 years and launch a probe to one of the Martian moons.

Mars Mission Prep Packet including Activities


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