Creating Two-Column Pages

There may be times when a two-column page will work nicely for a page layout. This is a good opportunity to make a page more interesting and to bring certain information up to the top of a page. Whatever the reason, this instructional will explain how to make a new page with the two-column layout and how to convert a one-column page into a two-column page.

NOTE: All uploading and navigating involved in this tutorial occurs once you have logged in to OU campus. Be sure to begin your log in from your department’s homepage.

Creating a new two-column page

  1. Starting at the point in the site the page should appear, (top level of the department site if it needs to appear in the navigation by itself, or inside a section if it will appear grouped with other pages inside a section), click Pages in the upper left to show the list of files.
    Page: step 1 screen shot
  2. Click New in the upper right corner.
    Page: step 2 screen shot
  3. The window will now show the choice of either a New Interior Page or a New Section Interior. Choose New Interior Page.
    Page: step 3 screen shot
  4. This directs to a window that prompts for information related to this page. Note that each field has helper text in grey to explain how this information is used. Be sure to read this as it will assist in creating a well-tagged page valuable for end users and for search engines.
    Two-column: step 4
  5. Change Page Layout to Two Column with left side nav and right content sidebar. Leave the following as the default setting for now: Gallery Type, Header Type, and Add Navigation Item. This can be changed later if necessary. Do not click Overwrite Interior Page unless a file already exists with the same file name.
  6. Under File Configuration be sure to create the filename with one word when possible and retain the .pcf extension. When naming with more than one word, separate the whole words with a hyphen and, again, retain the .pcf extension. Also, do not use capital letters or special characters such as &#$%.
  7. Click Create at the bottom of this window.
  8. After step 7, a preview of the new page will appear.
    Page: step 8 screen shot

Congratulations, you have successfully created a two-column page.

Converting a one-column page to a two-column page

  1. Start by navigating to the page needing to be converted to two columns. Click on the Properties button at the top of the page. This will open the Page Properties window.
    Two-column conversion: step 1
  2. In the Page Properties window, change Page Layout from One Column with left side navigation to Two Column with left side navigation and right content sidebar. Click Save.
    Two-column conversion: step 2
  3. A preview will appear. The content now appears in the left column and an example column is directly to the right. When ready to edit, click Edit in the upper left corner.
    Two-column conversion: step 3
  4. The green Edit Side Bar button will now appear. Editing occurs just as it would normally. For complete instructions on how to edit, read the Creating Sections and Pages tutorial.
    Two-column conversion: step 4