How to log in to OU Campus

The steps below will explain how to log in to OU Campus, UTC's content management system for editing and maintaining university web pages.

1. Navigate to the page or site that needs to be edited. For example, these instructions will show screen shots as if editing University Web Services located at
Login instruction: Step 1

2. Once on the page that requires edits, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the © copyright symbol in the footer.
Login instruction: Step 2

3. A screen for UTC's Central Authentication Service will appear. Enter your UTC ID and password and click the "Login" button.
Login instruction: Step 3

4. A successful login will show the same page navigated to in Step 1, only now the page is displayed within the OU Campus editing environment.
Login instruction: Step 4

Congratulations! You have successfully logged in to OU Campus and are ready to edit.

If the following error appears after log in, the you either haven't been set up to edit that page/site or you are simply on a page/site of which you are not an editor.
Login instruction: error
If you are confident you are on a page/site that you should be able to edit, please send an email to University Web Services. If you determine that you logged in on a page/site in error:

1. navigate to the correct page/site by clicking on "pages" in the upper left corner.
Login error instruction: step 1

2. Then, from the list of pages, use the 'home button' at the top left to help find the correct site. Then choose a page to edit.
Login error instruction: step 2