A button is a call to action: draw users' attention to a link you want them to follow. 

Insert/Edit Link dialog box screenshot, showing highlighted Classes field, with btn class entered in the field
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Enter appropriate classes in the Advanced tab of the Insert/Edit Link dialog box.

A button is a simple text link, styled with Advanced CSS classes. To create a button:

  1. Type the text you wish to appear in the button.
  2. Select the text and click the Insert/Edit Link wysiwyg button.
  3. Enter the URL or browse for the link.
  4. Click the Advanced tab in the Insert/Edit Link dialog box.
  5. In Classes field, enter btn.
  6. Update. The button will appear in the editor window.

The steps above will create a default, normal size button.

To create different sizes or colors of buttons, refer to the chart below.

Hover over the button style you wish to use, and a tooltip containing the relevant classes will appear. For example, to create a large blue button, enter btn btn-primary btn-large in the Classes field (spaces between classes).

Block buttons expand to fill their containing block