UTC Brand Bar

UTC Brand Bar screenshot

The UTC Brand Bar provides a quick and easy way to incorporate the UTC brand, search and global navigation into a website. With just one simple line of code, a website editor can update a site to include the UT Chattanooga word mark – used correctly (no need to worry if you’re meeting the Graphics Guidelines) – and the required link to the UTC homepage. 

 View a live example of the Brand Bar

Click Navigate UTC and the bar slides down to reveal the main navigation; click it again and it disappears. Click Tools to access the major tools and logins. Click Search and the UTC.edu search engine appears.

All with a single line of code!

Incorporating the brand bar into your website

There are currently two versions of the brand bar available – based on a site's inclusion of the jQuery library:

utc-brandbar-nojq.js – if the site ALREADY includes the jQuery library

<script type="text/javascript" src="//www.utc.edu/_resources/brandbar/utc-brandbar-nojq.js"></script>

utc-brandbar.js – if the site does NOT include jQuery, this version will load it

<script type="text/javascript" src="//www.utc.edu/_resources/brandbar/utc-brandbar.js"></script>

Once you’ve determined which version of the brand bar to use – simply place the appropriate javascript code IMMEDIATELY BELOW the body tag (or below a “skip to content” tag if you’re using one). That’s it.

Please let us know if you incorporate the brand bar into your site – or if you have any questions about implementation.