An accordion is a web component that provides a set of "teasers" or titles that, when clicked, reveal a content area. Accordions are used in the side navigation on the UTC website, but they can also be used in content areas. Accordions are popular for content such as FAQs, schedules, lists, etc.

Click the teaser text rows below to see the Accordion in action:

New content.

Interesting content here.

Second paragraph of information.

Another content area:

  • List Item
  • Another Item

This one is nice, too! It even includes an image:

student working at a computer

To insert an Accordion into a content area:

  • Click the Insert Snippet button
  • Choose Interior Page Enhancements > Accordion
    • this will insert a placeholder Accordion Widget Table in the editor window
  • Replace the teaser text in the first column with your teaser text
    • Note: this text must be styled as Heading 5. No other content is permissible. If your teaser does not show up, please ensure it is an H5 element only.
  • Replace the content in the second column with your content (any content is permissible: titles, text, lists, images, etc.)
  • Additional table rows may be added to create more accordion elements
  • More than one accordion per page  or content area may be added by inserting additional Accordion Widget Table snippets.