Advanced features in OU Campus

There are a number of features offered in OU Campus that can be used to add value and interest to a site. These features are available upon request and require additional training. Each of these has a unique function, so read on to learn more:


Assets are reusable piece of content (text, code, form or image gallery) that can be placed on many pages. When an asset is edited and published, all subscribing pages will be automatically published with the changes. Examples include pieces of information such as enrollment figures, tuition and fees, deadlines, etc.


Snippets are reusable bits of content that can be inserted on a page from the WYSIWYG toolbar. This can include, for example, tables, forms, paragraphs of commonly used text, lists of names, etc.

Except for the left-and-right aligned image snippets, editors should always be sure to change the HTML element of the current "blank line" (element path) to a plain DIV (unstyled page division) vs p (paragraph) or H1-6 (Heading).

Although snippets are centrally managed, once they are entered into a page, they become part of the page and are not updated if the master snippet is modified. The difference between a snippet and an asset is that an asset can be edited once and changes are applied to all subscribed pages. This is not the case with snippets. Basically, when placing a snippet into the page, the content of the snippet is copied into the WYSIWYG Editor. The user can then edit the content of the snippet.