How Do I Apply for Services?

If you meet eligibility requirements and are serious about graduating from UTC, SSS can help.  

You can become a participant at any level of your undergraduate career, but SSS enrollment is limited. Students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Application Procedures 

We invite you to apply by completing  the Application , Participant Contract, and Self-Assessment Packet:

To apply:

  • Download the forms, print them out, fill in your information; or

  • Fill out the forms in our office.

Delivery Procedures

  • Hand deliver to our office.

  • Mail the forms to the address listed on the application; or

  • Fax the forms to the fax number listed on the application.

This information will help SSS determine your eligibility and which services and activities will benefit you. This is the only time you will complete this packet. 

Did I Get In?

Once you have applied, we know the next question is: did I get in?  An "Acceptance " will be sent via text message if you are selected to participate in the program. 

If you do not receive a text message within two weeks, you may contact SSS to check on the status of your application.