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 Why Major In Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is an exciting major allowing for a wide range of employment opportunities following graduation.  UTC’s Criminal Justice program is no exception.  With classes in subjects including Criminology, Policing, Courts, and Corrections, students will build a solid footing in the core of the criminal justice system.  Outside of the core, students will be able to explore courses on Drugs and Crime, Serial Murder, Media and Crime, Victimology, and many other more specific topics.  The Criminal Justice program also maintains a robust internship program that allows students to experience many of the agencies involved in the criminal justice system.  These internships allow for a unique opportunity to interact with criminal justice professionals as they perform their daily duties and help students gain experience in the field. 

Jobs in the criminal justice field are predicted to be steady or growing through 2024 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while many other fields are in decline.  This means that our graduates have good opportunities for employment as they enter the job market.  Some of the careers available to our graduates include law enforcement on the state, local, and federal levels, positions in the field of corrections, positions within the court system, and positions in probation and parole.  In addition to immediately entering the job market our students receive a foundational education that allows them to apply for law school or graduate program admission.  We offer a graduate program where students may choose to work toward their MSCJ degree to continue their education.