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Education & Degrees

Post-doctoral Fellow, Aging Training Grant, Washington University in St. Louis 2008-2011
Ph.D., Experimental Psychology (specialization in Cognitive/Developmental), Louisiana State University, 2008
M.S., Research Psychology, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, 2003
B S., Psychology, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, 2001

Teaching Interests

Cognitive Psychology

Psychology of aging

Experimental Psychology

Research Interests

Prospective memory

Individual differences in working memory and intelligence

Cognitive aging (both healthy aging and dementia)

Applying cognitive principles to the education setting

The distracting effects of cell phones

Consumer decision-making processes

Recent Publications

Shelton, J. T., Lee, J. H., Scullin, M. K., Rose, N., Rendell, P., & McDaniel, M. A. (in press). Implementation intentions boost prospective memory in Alzheimer’s disease patients. Journal of the American Geriatric Society.

Hill, B. D., Foster, J., Channing, S., Elliott, E. M., & Shelton, J. T. (in press). The interaction of ability and motivation: Average working memory is required for Need for Cognition to positively benefit intelligence and the effect increases with ability. Personality and Individual Differences.

Shelton, J. T., & Christopher, E. (2016). A fresh pair of eyes on prospective memory monitoring. Memory & Cognition. [Epub ahead of print]

Lee, J. H., Shelton, J. T., Scullin, M. K., & McDaniel, M. A. (2015). Anyone can do it: implementation intention strategy and cue focality in older adults with very mild Alzheimer’s disease. British Journal of Clinical Psychology,

Elliott, E. M., Morey, C. C., Morey, R. D., Eaves, S., Shelton, J. T., & Lutfi-Proctor, D. A. (2014). The role of modality: auditory and visual distracters in Stroop interference. European Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 26, 15-26.

Shelton, J. T., *Mullet, H., Cahill, M. Scullin, M. K., Einstein, G. O., & McDaniel, M. A. (2013). Resource depletion does not influence prospective memory in college students. Consciousness and Cognition. 22, 1223-1230.

Scullin, M. K., McDaniel, M. A., & Shelton, J. T. (2013). The dynamic multiprocess framework: Evidence from prospective memory with contextual variability. Cognitive Psychology, 67, 55-71.

Scullin, M. K., Gordon, B. A., Shelton, J. T., Lee, J. H., Head, D., & McDaniel, M. A. (2013). Don’t forget to monitor your blood pressure: A detrimental relationship between hypertension, prospective memory, and prefrontal cortex white matter. Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience. 13, 405-416.

Lilienthal, L., Tamez, E., Shelton, J. T., Myerson, J., & Hale, S. (2013). Dual n-back training increases the capacity of the focus of attention. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 20, 135-141.

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