Help with Gerontology Certificate

Recommended Browsers

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in the course.


Sections of the course need to launch in pop-up windows, so you may get a message to "click here."  To avoid this step, look for the option to add the site as exceptions for the pop-up blocker.  Click the images below for more information:

Screenshot showing Google popup settings

screenshot of Firefox popup settings


Pages Not Opening, Site Freezing, etc.

If something is not working on a website, such as the Gerontology Certificate Program, try switching to another browser.  For example, if you are using Firefox, try Google Chrome. 

If that does not help, please email with a description of where you are in the course when the issue occurs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Clicked "LAUNCH COURSE" and nothing happens?  Look for another tab open in your browser.

  • Finished Quiz successfully but no option except to "retake quiz?" When you have passed the quiz, you may simply close the browser window to return to the main menu.