Students studying with a computer


Electronic technology has had a major impact on the interior design profession. The UTC Interior Design program is committed to the integration of computers throughout the design curriculum. Each student in the interior architecture and design program is required to purchase a laptop computer upon successful entrance into the interior architecture major for integration into second, third, and fourth year classes. 

Minimum Requirements for Laptop Computer Technology

Required Hardware:
• Dedicated 512 MB or higher Video Card (1GB preferred)
• 8 GB of RAM (16 GB preferred)
• 250 GB Hard Drive minimum (500+ preferred)
• 15" screen minimum, 17” preferred

• 1680 x 1050 video display recommended, DirectX 9-capable graphics card
• 802.11n WiFi

• External Hard Drive (250 GB recommended)
• Wireless external mouse with at least 3 buttons

** Preferred options will increase your software performance.

** If purchasing an Apple computer, you must still meet all of the above requirements, including purchasing a copy of Windows OS. You must have the appropriate software to boot into Windows and utilize the AutoDesk software.


Required Software:

AutoCAD/Revit – most current version (free student download)

Sketchup – most current version (free student download)

Windows 8 or most current version (student purchase)

Adobe Design Standard – most current version (student purchase)


In addition, each student is required to own an external hard-drive.

Click here for a pdf of the current requirements.

Note that any student who does not have, by the first day of the Fall Semester of their 2nd year, the required software and hardware as specified in this handbook will not be permitted to enroll in 2000, 3000 or 4000 level Interior Design classes. Finally, the laptop computer you purchase must meet the requirements of the UTC Interior Design Program as described in this booklet.