Vahid Disfani Research

Research Interests

  • Smart Grid
  • Power System Optimization and Control
  • Power Electronics Solution Design
  • Grid Integration of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Distribution System Optimal Voltage Regulation
  • Power System Economics and Electricity Markets
  • Distribution System State Estimation

Active Research Projects

  1. Computational modeling and optimal design of urban electric vehicle charging markets 
  2. Application of modular multilevel converters (MMC) in grid integration of renewable energy resources
  3. Optimal voltage control for distribution feeders with high penetration of photovoltaic systems
  4. Distributed optimal voltage control for DC microgrids
  5. Multiphase distribution feeder reduction

Potential Undergraduate Research Projects

  1. Optimal EV charging scheduling for power distribution grids with time-of-use pricing
  2. Smart scheduling of EV charging events to mitigate adverse effects of high penetration of solar energy on distribution grids
  3. Behavior study of charging events in Chattanooga EV charging stations
  4. Classification of EV charging stations using empirical data of EV charging events
  5. Reliability evaluation of modular multilevel converters