Sungwoo Yang - Teaching

Teaching Philosophy

I design my classes and build a research program to help student to learn how to self-teach and to develop effective communication skills. I believe these two skills are critical for students to be an active learner and next generation of leaders in innovation, science and technologies.


  • Chemical Process Principles (ENCH 3310)

Quantitative relations of chemical reactions and physico-chemical processes. Calculations based on gases, vapors, humidity, and process material balances. Study of industrial processes involving thermo physics, thermo chemistry, and heat balances.


  • Heat Transfer Processes (ENCH 3320)

Principles of heat transfer process in engineering and industrial applications. Practical heat transfer equipment.


  • Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design (ENCH 4340)

Concepts of chemical kinetics applied to reactor design. Effects of temperature, pressure, concentration, and catalysis on rates of chemical reactions. Design of batch, back mix, and tubular reactors. Computational and design projects.