Course List

CPSC1110 Data Structures and Problem Design

CPSC2800 Operating Systems

CPSC3600 Principles of Information Security and Assurance

CPSC4550 Computer Networks

CPSC4600/5600 Biometrics and Cryptography

CPSC4610/5610 Information Security Management

CPSC4620/5620 Computer Network Security

CPSC4660/5660 System Vulnerability Analysis and Auditing

CPSC4670/5670 Database Security and Auditing

CPSC4900 Software Engineering

CPSC4910r Senior Capstone Project

CPSC4999 Computer Gaming

CPSC5230 Business Intelligence Programming and Analysis

CPSC5550 Client-Server Systems

CPSC5800 Advanced System Software

CPSC5900 Graduate Project Course  

CPSC5997 Individual Studies

CPSC5999 Master Thesis

CPSC7950 Doctoral Research

CPSC7999 Dissertation