About Me

I am a UC Foundation Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering with 24+ years of experience on the UTC faculty. Courses I frequently teach include CPSC 5700, Advanced Computer Architecture; CPEN 4700, Computer Architecture; CPEN 4710, Advanced Computer Systems; CPEN 3710, Computer System Organization and Assembly Language programming; CPSC 2800, Introduction to Operating Systems; and CPSC 1000, Introduction to Computing. My areas of interest include computer architecture, microprocessors, embedded systems, real-time simulation, and virtual environments.

Spring 2018 Course Schedule

CPSC 2800-0 | CRN 22971 | Hybrid format: Online class with face-to-face testing (see syllabus for times)

CPEN 4700-0 | CRN 25606 | Tuesday/Thursday 1:40 - 2:55, EMCS 301

CPSC 5700-0 | CRN 21110 | Online class

Curriculum Vitae (fancy academic term for résumé)

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