Student Coding Bootcamp:

Analyze COVID-19 Data with R

                and Google CoLab.           sars-cov-2

    December 19-23, 2020 


The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will offer a free online R coding bootcamp for high school and college students in the U.S.A.

  • Learn to analyze COVID-19 and social distancing data in your region
  • Learn programming skills in R - a popular language for data analytics
  • Learn hypothesis-driven research paradigm. Students can compare COVID-19 trends before and after local events or policy changes. 
  • Learn to run R-codes in the CoLab - a Google cloud computing platform
  • Students are encouraged to submit a video presentation of their analysis for award competition (see below). 

Who should apply: High school students and undergraduate students who are interested in learning programming skills and investigating the COVID-19 cases in their regions. Top 30 students will receive a stipend of $300, pending NSF approval. 

High-school teachers, community-college faculty are also welcome. We plan support 15 teachers. Each teacher will receive a stipend of $800, if they complete the bootcamp and submit a lesson plan on data literacty, pending NSF approval. 


 Apply Now


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                     You will need to sign-in with a Gmail account to fill this application form.   

Student Presentations

Each student  is encouraged to submit a  written report and a video (up to 10 minutues) to present their analysis results. A suggested report and presentation outline include title, authors, abstract, introduction with description of hypothesis, method, analysis, results, and discussion. We recommend the videos be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted or public videos.

The submitted student report and presentation videos will be evaluated by a review panel.  Tentatively, top 30 students will receive a stipend of $300. Stipend recepients must be citizens or permanent resident in USA. 

Submission links will be coming soon. 

All funding are pending for NSF approvals. 

 Teacher Development

We plan to support 15 high school teachers and community college faculty who are expected to complete the bootcamp activities,  submit lesson plans or teaching modules on data literacy. Tenatively, each teacher/faculty will receive a stipend of $800 after completing the expected activities and submitting quality lesson plans. An additional classroom supply of $500 will be provided to each teacher to impletment their lesson plans. Stipend recepients must be citizens or permanent resident in USA. 

Submission links will be coming soon. 

All fudning are pending for NSF approvals. 


Tentative Schedule

12/19 Sat, 10am -noon Introduction to COVID19

 Dr. Jeticia Sistrunk

Dr. Mentewab Ayalew

12/19 Sat, 1:30pm-3:30pm Introduction to CoLab and R coding  Dr. Hong Qin
12/20 Sun, 1:30pm-3:30pm R coding for COVID19 analysis  Dr. Hong Qin
12/21, Mon, 1:30-3:30pm Tutorial and working session on reports and presentations  led by TAs
12/22, Tue, 1:30-3:30pm Tutorial and working session on video recording  led by TAs
12/23, Wed, 1:30-3:30pm revise reports, practice presentation and making videos  led by TAs
1/4, Mon. 5pm.  Submission of reports and vieos due.   



Tentative Evaluation Criteria

Written Report:

A informative title, author, age, current grade level, school/university, location. 



Pressentation: comming soon


Evaluation Panel: 

  Dr. Aylin Marz, Biology, Norfolk State University

  Dr. Jennifer Boyd, Ecology, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

  Dr. Lin Li, Computer Science, Prairie View A&M University

  Dr. Reinaldo Sanchez-Arias, Data Science, Florida Polytechnic University

  Dr. Stephen Via, Biology, Norfolk State University

  Mr. Zach McCoy, Programming and Digital Fabrication Teacher, STEM School Chattanooga 

Acknowledgement nsf_logo

This project has been partially supported by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, National Science Foundatiion Projects Career 1720215, BDSpoke 1761839, and REU 1852042.   


  Please contact if you have questions.