About the Gary W. Rollins College of Business at UTC

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UTC’s Gary W. Rollins College of Business provides the right education to properly prepare you for success as a professional or entrepreneur. Whether the focus is on managerial, professional, or entrepreneurial opportunities, all graduates receive a thorough foundation in critical aspects of business with a more in-depth understanding of your area of concentration.

We offer undergraduate degree programs in accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, management, analytics, human resources, economics and marketing. At the graduate level, the Master of Business Administration , Master of Accountancy, and Master of Science in Data Analytics programs meet the needs of students in search of professional advancement. 


The Mission of the Rollins College of Business at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is to provide quality educational programs that produce academically-prepared and business-world ready graduates for a competitive global environment. 

In an effort to fulfill this mission,

The college provides quality AACSB-accredited educational programs that prepare full time and part time students (primarily from Tennessee and surrounding states) for managerial, professional, or entrepreneurial opportunities. The college offers undergraduate degree programs in a variety of business disciplines as well as Master of Accountancy , Master of Business Administration, and Master of Science in Data Analytics programs at the graduate level.

As a college within a state-supported metropolitan university, we recognize our responsibility to:

  • Provide students with knowledge, business skills, and professional education.
  • Engage in research emphasizing basic/discovery scholarship and applied or integration/application scholarship that impacts the theory, knowledge, and/or practice of business and management. The College also recognizes the value of teaching and learning scholarship.
  • Provide service to the University, academic profession and Chattanooga community.


The Rollins College of Business aspires to be the college of choice for students, faculty, employers, community leaders and others seeking excellence in business education and research.


The UTC Rollins College of Business values:

  • Intellectual growth
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Community
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Lifelong learning


Strategic Goals and Objectives

The Strategic Planning Committee and the Executive Committee review and update the Strategic Goals and Objectives annually. The current Strategic Goals and Objectives were last updated and approved by faculty on September 7, 2018. 

Goal 1: Engage, challenge, and support students to be "academically prepared and business-world ready"

Objective 1.1 Attract and retain high quality students.
Objective 1.2 Continually improve the quality of our undergraduate and graduate programs.
Objective 1.3 Provide exemplary student support services.
Objective 1.4 Improve the classrooms and learning environment.
Objective 1.5 Emphasize professional and ethical conduct.
Objective 1.6 Support experiential learning and innovative curriculum design and delivery.
Objective 1.7 Provide learning opportunities related to diverse cultures and international business practices.


Goal 2: Engage in research leading to intellectual contributions that serve the needs and interests of business and management

Objective 2.1 Provide resources that facilitate quality research.
Objective 2.2 Support faculty development and professional activities.



Goal 3: Engage with the community and key stakeholders

Objective 3.1 Create, maintain and expand relationships with alumni, businesses, non-profits, government and professional organizations.
Objective 3.2 Engage advisory boards to promote, advise, and support the College.


Goal 4: Attract and manage resources to accomplish the College's mission

Objective 4.1 Attract and retain high quality faculty and staff.
Objective 4.2 Increase revenues from alternative sources.
Objective 4.3 Increase major gifts and other donations.