Exterior Spaces

 exterior photo of Chamberlain Pavilion

Heritage Plaza

Heritage Plaza is the open area on Vine Street between Lupton Hall and the University Center.

As part of a million dollar renovation/beautification grant in conjunction with Chattanooga’s Riverwalk, Heritage Plaza was created on the UTC campus. The circle of four medallions form a walk through time as the University has grown.

Concrete walks surround a gray brick paver center with iron tables and benches nearby.

Chamberlain Pavilion

Opened in 2013, Chamberlain Pavilion features the entrance sign and actual bricks from South Stadium that stood on this site for nearly 90 years. Today, the pavilion serves as a hub of campus and community events. The side of the pavilion facing Chamberlain Field can serve as a perfect stage area for concerts, ceremonies, shows, and more!

Chamberlain Field

Now a recreational space, Chamberlain Field was the home of the Mocs football team from 1908 to 1997. When it was a functioning football field, it was adjoined by the South Stadium building, which housed a cafeteria, classrooms, and even dormitories. South Stadium was deconstructed in 2011, but the memories from those days past are preserved in features on current field and pavilion.


Located along the University Greenway between the Fine Arts Center and Cadek Hall, the amphitheatre was a student-driven project that was completed in the early 1990s. Situated below ground level and constructed of concrete stadium-style seating, it can seat approximately 100 people.

Historic Emblem Details