Patten Chapel

exterior photo of patten chapel with large tree in fall
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black and white photo of patten chapel taken from a distance

Patten Chapel is the heart of the UTC campus, dedicated in 1919 as part of the University of Chattanooga. The original entrance on McCallie Avenue is no longer used. Doors at the rear open to the main courtyard of campus. There is also an entrance to Hooper-Race hall where restrooms and snacks are located. Parking is available in lot 26, across Douglas Street from Fletcher and Founders halls.

The chapel seats approximately 400 people in rich oak pews. The brick is a dark reddish brown that has warmed with the years. Highlighted by the brick are the moss and rust-colored stain glass windows. Gothic chandeliers reveal dark-brown ornate woodwork arches that finish the ceiling in the seating chamber.

The chancel floor is rich-red pottery tile. The woodwork is a deep rich oak again highlighted by the same gothic chandeliers. A new organ is available along with a Yamaha grand piano.

We hope you will visit the Patten Chapel and take in the rich history and reverent grace of this stately building. The building has stood the test of time, and became an iconic feature of campus architecture.

For information on renting either patten or Danforth chapel, call Laura Cagle at 423-425-4203.

interior photo of patten chapel ceiling
photo of patten chapel stained glass windows
exterior photo of patten chapel stained glass windows

interior photo of patten chapel taken from alter looking back with view of aisle, pews, and doors