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Dr. Amye Warren
UC Foundation Professor, Member of Graduate Faculty
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1984
  540 McCallie Ave, Office 358

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Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1984

M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1982

B.S, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1980


Teaching Interests

Child Development

Applied Developmental Psychology

Graduate Research Methods

Teaching of Psychology


Research Interests

Child language development

Memory development

Children's testimony in legal cases

Eyewitness abilities and suggestibility

Credibility of eyewitnesses

Detecting deception

Legal reforms to accommodate child witnesses

Training professionals in using interview protocols for child witnesses

False memory in children and adults

Second language learning/bilingualism

Dr. Warren serves as the coordinator of the Research Master's degree program.


Recent Publications

Buck, J.A., Warren, A.R., Bruck, M., & Kuehnle, K. (2014).  How common is “common knowledge” about child witnesses among legal professionals?  Comparing interviewers, public defenders, and forensic psychologists with laypeople.  Behavioral Sciences & Law, 32, 867-883.

Pica, E., Warren, A.R., Ross, D.F., & Kehn, A. (2015). Choosing your words and pictures wisely: When do individuation instructions reduce the cross-race effect?  Applied Cognitive Psychology, 29, 360-389. DOI: 10.1002/acp.3112

Sandefur, S.J., Warren, A.R., & Gamble, A. (2011). Project REEL (Resources for Early Educator Learning): The design and implementation of a state-wide professional development initiative for early childhood educators in diverse childcare settings. In J.A. Sutterby (Ed.), Advances in early education and day care. Bingley, UK: Emerald.

Warren, A.R., Holcombe, J., Sandefur, S.J., Gamble, A., & Hicks, H.K. (2010). Measuring early childhood educators’ instructional practices and interactions. In S.B. Neuman & M. Kamil (Eds.), Preparing teachers for the early childhood classroom: Proven models and key principles (pp.189-206). Baltimore, MD: Brookes.