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Ron Morris
Clinical Assistant, Full-time Lecturer
M.S., University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Psychology: Industrial-Organizational, 1979
  540 McCallie Ave, Office 367

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M.S., Psychology: Research - Personality/Social Concentration, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, 1984

M.S., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, l979

B.S., Criminal Justice (magna cum laude), University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, l976

Teaching Interests


Research Methods

Research Interests

Personality and Social

Psychology of Religion

Individual Differences

Recent Publications

Watson, P. J., Sawyers, P., Morris, R. J., Carpenter, M., Jimenez, R. S., Jonas, K. A., & Robinson, D. L. (2003) Reanalysis within a Christian ideological surround:
Relationships of intrinsic religious orientation with fundamentalism and right-wing authoritarianism. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 31, 315-328.

Watson, P. J., Ross, D. F., & Morris, R. J. (2003) Borderline personality traits correlate with death penalty decisions. Personality and Individual Differences, 35, 421-429.

Watson, P. J., Jones, N. D., & Morris, R. J. (2004). Religious orientation and attitudes towards money: Relationships with narcissism and the influence of gender. Mental Health, Religion, & Culture, 7, 277-288.

Watson, P. J., & Morris, R. J. (2005). Spiritual Experience Index and identity: Relationships with religious orientation, religious interest, and intolerance of ambiguity.
Review of Religious Research, 46, 371-379.

Watson, P. J., Trumpeter, N., O'Leary, B. J., Morris, R. J. & Culhane, S. E. (2005-2006). Narcissism and self-esteem in the presence of imagined others: Supportive versus
destructive object representations and the continuum hypothesis. Imagination, Cognition, and Personality, 25, 253-268.

Watson, P. J., & Morris, R. J. (2006). Intolerance of ambiguity within a religious ideological surround: Christian translations and relationships with religious orientation,
need for cognition, and uncertainty response. Archive fur Religionspsychologie, 28, 81-101.

Watson, P. J., Morris, R. J., Loy, T., Hamrick, M. B., & Grizzle, S. (2007). Beliefs about sin: Adaptive implications in relationships with religious orientation, self-esteem, and measures of the narcissistic, depressed and anxious self. Edification: Journal of the Society for Christian Psychology, 1, 57-67.

Watson, P. J. & Morris, R. M. (2008). Self-control within a Christian ideological surround. Edification: Journal of the Society for Christian Psychology, 2(2), 62-72.