Allowing Pop-ups

Sections of the course need to launch in pop-up windows, so you may get a message, "If training doesn't load, click here to open it."  To avoid this extra click, look for the option to add the site as an exceptions for the pop-up blocker (or disable the pop-up blocker on mobile devices).  Click the images below for more information:

Chrome (Computer)

Screenshot showing Google popup settings

Firefox (Computer)

screenshot of Firefox popup settings


Safari (iPhone)

Safari will prompt to allow pop-ups for the site.  Simply allow pop-ups and the course should continue.  Remember, when you have completed a section, use the square icon at the bottom right of the screen to see your open windows and close the current browser window to return to the main menu.

Chrome (iPhone or Android device)

Coming soon.

Firefox (iPhone or Android device)

Coming soon.