Writing and Communication Center
Frequently Asked Questions

The WCC is primarily staffed by student consultants. Our undergraduate consultants, from a variety of majors, are strong writers and communicators who enjoy helping their fellow students. We also have a graduate assistant, a graduate writing coordinator, a staff specialist, and a faculty director.

For in-person consultations, we accept walk-ins if we have openings in our schedule. Writers with appointments take priority. For online consultations, appointments are required and must be made at least one day in advance. Appointments for both types of consultations can be made using the Appointment System.

You can make up to two in-person appointments per day (spaced out or back to back) or one online appointment per day. You can make up to three online appointments per week, and there is currently no weekly limit for in-person appointments.

Yes, absolutely! If you need general help with issues of organization, clarity, grammar, style, and citation, you can always make an appointment with any of our consultants. Graduate students looking for more specialized help have the option of booking an appointment with our graduate assistant, graduate writing coordinator, staff specialist, or faculty director. Our graduate writing coordinator is also available to help with dissertation and thesis manuscript formatting.

The TL; DR version: lively conversation between peers.

The long version: Your consultant will probably begin by asking you some questions—about what you’re working on and what your concerns are. If you have a draft, you’ll read through it together—possibly aloud, which can help you hear and identify issues in your writing. Your consultant will ask you questions, make suggestions, and respond as an experienced reader. You’ll be a participant in the conversation too. Feel free to ask questions, think aloud, take notes, and begin your revision process. Your consultant may direct you to resources that may be of use to you. By the end of your consultation, your work might not be perfect, but you will definitely leave with a solid plan for completing or revising your work.

Any instructions or directions that pertain to the task at hand (e.g., an assignment prompt and/or rubric). If you’ve started planning or writing your paper, bring your notes and/or a draft, too. If you have an online appointment, you can upload these materials to your appointment. You are welcome to bring hard copies of materials to your in-person appointment, or you can bring your laptop or use one of the WCC’s computers.

If you are unable to make it to your scheduled appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by calling or emailing. You may also cancel your appointment by logging into the appointment system yourself if it is within the self-serve cancellation window (10 minutes for in-person appointments and 1 hour for online appointments). If you do not show up (or login) to your appointment within ten minutes of the scheduled start time, your appointment will be considered a no-show. If you have three no-shows within a semester, your account will be disabled and you will only be able to do walk-in appointments for the remainder of the semester.

Sure! After each appointment, your consultant fills out a brief report detailing what you worked on. If you ask us to, we can forward this report to your professor. Reports are sent out about twice a week and cannot be sent out same day.

Aww, shucks! Well, because we want to work collaboratively with you, we don’t offer drop-off services. We also can’t make predictions or guarantees about a grade you will get.