Writing and Communication Center Faculty Services

In addition to working one on one with your students, the WCC also supports your teaching and research goals. We can work with you to develop or revise an assignment, visit your class to pitch our services or conduct an in-depth workshop, and more. You can also meet with the director to discuss your own writing projects.

Request Instructional Support

Class Visits

If you would like to encourage your students to visit the WCC, consider requesting a class visit. Peer consultants can come to your class to pitch the WCC, describe the benefits of visiting, demonstrate how to make an appointment, and explain what to expect in a session.

Pedagogy Consultations

Meet with the director to discuss your goals for implementing writing into your class, brainstorm ideas for assignments, develop and/or receive feedback on rubrics.

Assignment Sheet Feedback

Our tutors can often predict questions your students may have about your assignment sheet. If you’d like feedback on the clarity of your assignment prompts, send them our way. The director will compile a summary of tutor comments along with recommendations for revisions.

Incentivized Visits to the WCC

If you’d like to encourage or incentivize WCC visits for your entire class, please discuss this with the director or staff specialist well in advance. In order to ensure your students are prepared for us and we are prepared for them, we ask you to do the following:

  1. Contact us in advance to tell us your goals for your students and send us a copy of the writing assignment. If you know specifically what your students tend to struggle with, this would also be helpful to know. Please also let us know the window of time in which you hope to send your students to us, and we can see what is logistically feasible.
  2. Schedule a class visit so that one of our consultants can explain the WCC and how to book an appointment. Doing so will help students better understand the logistics of booking an appointment and what to expect when they are here.
  3. Consider assigning a short (1-2 paragraph) reflection about what they got out of their visit and how they will revise their work. We suggest doing something like this rather than requiring your students to send you a WCC report as “proof” of a visit, because it asks them to consider how this visit was useful to them and how they will apply what they learned to the current or future assignments.

Class Workshops/Activites

WCC staff can conduct workshops on a variety of writing concepts, including thesis statements, working with sources, and writing concisely. We can also deliver workshops focused on understanding the basic expectations for a particular genre (e.g., proposal-writing) or style of writing (e.g., scientific writing). We can also assist with facilitating online peer review workshops or other Canvas activities. Note that for the 2020-2021 school year our capacity for such activities may be limited.