Data Management

Welcome to the library’s home for Data Management! If your external funding agency has an open data mandate, we want to help you craft a data management plan to manage, preserve, and publish your research data in UTC Scholar, the university’s institutional repository.

Create a Data Management Plan (DMP)

The library strongly advises the use of DMPTool, a free, online tool that takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a DMP that meets the standards of more than 30 funding agencies. Alternatively, you may employ our Data Management Plan Template to draft your DMP. If you opt for the template, your funder may require you to address more topics than covered in our template.

Additionally, you may find the following resources useful for creating plans:

If you are planning to publish the final version of your data in UTC Scholar please review Submission Guidelines for Research and Data as you draft your DMP. You may also consider adding the following language to your DMP:

A long-term data sharing and preservation plan will be used to store and make publicly accessible the data beyond the life of the project. The data will be deposited into UTC Scholar, the institutional repository on the grantees' campus. Deposit in UTC Scholar will ensure that the research community has long-term access to the data and that best practices in digital preservation will safeguard the files. In accordance with UTC Scholar practices, the (deidentified, if applicable) data will be accompanied by the appropriate documentation, metadata, and code to facilitate reuse and provide the potential for interoperability with similar data sets.

Please note that once researchers submit data to UTC Scholar there is a Library-mediated process to make changes. We recommend submitting final, reviewed copies that are ready for online publication to avoid mistakenly posting incomplete or unfinished work.

Consult with the Library

Once you have created a draft of your DMP, we strongly advise that you request a Data Management Consultation. During this consultation, you’ll meet with a librarian to review your plan and learn about options for long-term preservation in UTC Scholar.

If you have questions regarding data management, do not hesitate to email UTC Scholar.

Request a Data Management Consultation