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Fraternity and Sorority Life

The chapters listed below are active and recognized with the institution.

To find out more about a specific organization's (Inter)National Organization, please contact that organization. Contact information for each organization can be found here.

Panhellenic Association| Interfraternity Council | National Pan-Hellenic Council | Special Interest Groups

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Panhellenic Association

Governed by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)

Connect with Panhellenic:and and and and UTC Panhellenic Association | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Nickname: ADPi
Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Charities
Colors: Azure Blue and White
Symbols: Diamond, Lion, Violet
Chapter Founded: May 21, 1926
National Founding Date: May 15, 1851, Macon, GA
National Website

President: Rachel Paganelli
E-mail address:

Nickname: Alpha Gam
Philanthropy: Fighting Hunger
Colors: Red, Buff, and Green
Symbols: Pearl, Squirrell
Chapter Websiteand : 
Chapter Founded: December 4, 2016
National Founding Date: May 30, 1904
National Website:

President: Chandler Waters
E-mail address:

Nickname: Chi O
Philanthropy: Make A Wish Foundation
Colors: Cardinal and Straw
Symbols: Owl, White Carnation
Chapter Founded: March 15, 1919
Chapter Website:
National Founding Date: April 5, 1895
National Website:

President: Haley Schelgel
E-mail address:

Nickname: DZ
Philanthropy: Starkey Hearing Foundation, Gallaudet University, the House Ear Institute, the Painted Turtle Campaign
Colors: Rose and Green
Symbols: Pink Rose, Diamond, Turtle, Roman Lamp
Chapter Founded: March 27, 2011
Chapter Website:
National Founding Date: October 24, 1902
National Website

President: Daylia Wallace
E-mail address:

Nickname: Gamma Phi
Philanthropy: Girls On the Run
Colors: Brown and Mode
Symbols: Crescent Moon, Pink Carnation
Chapter Founded: November 2013
National Founding Date: November 11, 1874
National Website

President: Sarah Collins
E-mail Address:

Nickname: KD
Philanthropy: Girls Scouts of America, Prevent Child Abuse America
Colors: Olive Green and Pearl White
Symbols: Teddy Bear, Nautilus Shell, Dagger, White Rose, and Katydid
Chapter Founded: February 23, 1945 (Recolonization: December 3, 1999)
Chapter Website
National Founding Date: October 23, 1897
National Website:

President: Emily Cooper
E-mail address:

Nickname: SK
Philanthropy: Alzheimer's Association
Colors: Maroon and Lavender
Symbols: Dove and Heart
Chapter Founded: February 10, 1991
Chapter Website
National Founding Date: November 9, 1874
National Website

President: Abby Lynn Thomas
E-mail Address:

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Interfraternity Council

Governed by the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC)

Connect with IFC: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Nickname: KA
Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy Association
Colors: Crimson and Old Gold
Symbols: Lion, Crimson Rose, Magnolia Blossom
Chapter Founded: October 25, 2012
National Founding Date: December 21, 1865
National Website

President: Connor Stiles
E-mail address:

Nickname: Kappa Sig
Philanthropy: Multiple Sclerosis Society
Colors: Scarlet, White, Emerald Green
Symbols: The Star and Crescent, Fraternity Crest, The Caduceus
Chapter Founded: Originally, February 15, 1882. Reformed in April 1892. Chartered September 12, 1949
Chapter Website:
National Founding Date
: December 10, 1869
National Website:

President: Nick Huack
E-mail address:

Nickname: Lambda Chi
Philanthropy: North American Food Drive, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Colors: Royal Purple, Kelly Green, and Old Gold
Symbols: Cross and ; Crescent
Chapter Founded:
Chapter Website
National Founding Date: November 2, 1909
National Website:

President: Nick Coronis
E-mail Address:


Philanthropy: Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life
Colors: Garnet and Old Gold
Symbols: Sabre and Key
Chapter Founded: Original - June 7, 1947, Rechartered - May 16, 1998
National Founding Date: March 1, 1868
National Website

President: Randy Hedrick
E-mail Address:

Philanthropy: T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital of Chattanooga and Children's Miracle Network
Colors: Blue and Old Gold
Symbols: The White Cross of Constantine
Chapter Founded: May 17, 1947
National Founding Date: June 28, 1855
National Website:

President: Ben Smith
E-mail address:

Philanthropy: Helping Hand Initiative
Colors: Black, Gold, White
Symbols: White Rose, Crest
Chapter Founded: Colonizing Spring 2015
National Founding Date: January 1, 1869
National Website:

President: Ethan Hammet
E-mail Address:

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National Pan-Hellenic Council

Governed by the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.

Connect with NPHC: Twitter | Instagram

Nickname: Alphas
Philanthropy: Global Service Initiative
Colors: Old Gold, Black
Symbols: Coat of Arms 
Chapter Founded: November 11, 1971
National Founding Date: December 4, 1906
National Website:

President: Yancy Freeman Jr.
E-mail address:

Nickname: AKA
Colors: Salmon Pink and Apple Green
Symbols: Ivy Leaf
Chapter Founded: March 20, 1971
Chapter Website:
National Founding Date: January 15, 1908
National Website:

President: Jordan Rodriquez
E-mail address:

Nickname: Deltas
Colors: Crimson and Cream
Symbols: ΔΣΘ
Chapter Founded: Original-May 22, 1971 Reactivated- April 7, 2017  
National Founding Date: January 13, 1913
National Website:

President: Simone Edwards
E-mail Address:

Nickname: Nupe
Philanthropy: Guide Right
Colors: Crimson and Cream
Symbols: Diamond
Chapter Website:
Chapter Founded: August 29, 1982
National Founding Date: January 5, 1911
National Website

President: Jeshawn MIller
E-mail address:

Nickname: Ques
Philanthropy: Voter Registration and; NAACP
Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold
Symbols: Lamp
Chapter Founded: February 27, 1971
National Founding Date: November 17, 1911
National Website:

President: Jalen Hunt
E-mail address:

Nickname: Sigmas
Philanthropy: March of Dimes
Colors: Royal Blue and Pure White
Symbols: Dove
Chapter Founded: March 25, 1983
National Founding Date: January 9, 1914
National Website:

Nickname: Zetas
: March of Dimes
Colors: Royal Blue, and White
Symbols: White Dove and the Kitty
Flower: White Rose
Chapter Founded: June 16, 1971
National Founding Date: January 16, 1920
National Website:

President: Airiana Paris
Email address:

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Special Interest Groups

Type: Service
Nickname: APO
Color: Royal Blue and Old Glory Gold
Symbols: Golden Eagle and Sturdy Oak
Chapter Founded: Colonizing Spring 2016
National Founding Date: December 16, 1925
National Website:

President: Julian Kirby
Email address:

Type: Christian
Nickname: BYX
Color: Purple and White
Chapter Founded: April 22nd, 2014
National Founding Date: January 1985
National Website:

President: Dillon Norton
Email address:

Type: Service
Colors: Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Gold
Symbols: Chevron and Bee
Chapter Founded: 1993
National Founding Date: June 15, 1967
Chapter Website:
National Website:

President: Summer Smith
Email address:

Type: Music 
Color: Red, Black, and Gold
Chapter Founded: Spring 2015
National Founding Date: October 6, 1898
National Website:

President: Seth Moulton
Email address:

Type: Christian

Nickname: Phi Lamb
Colors: Red and White
Symbols: Lamb
Philanthropy: World Vision
Chapter Website:
Chapter Founded: April 2015
National Founding Date: November 14, 1988
National Website:

President: Lauren Gillihan
Email address

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