Students and Faculty Committees

Join a University Faculty Committee and learn how the faculty conduct business and contribute your voice to how students and faculty can work together.

Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Prepare, attend, and contribute to meetings,
  • Read and reply to emails,
  • Let the chair know if you cannot attend, and 
  • Be enrolled full-time, completed 30 UTC hours, and earned at least 2.5 GPA.

Committee Choices

  • Athletics (2 students): makes recommendations to the Chancellor in the general field of intercollegiate athletics, placing specific emphasis on eligibility, athletic teams' schedules and disciplinary rules
  • Course Learning Evaluations (2 students): recommends policies and procedures for evaluation of faculty instruction and for using evaluation results to improve instruction.
  • Faculty Rating of Administration (2 students):  recommends policies, procedures, and instrumentation for the rating of administration by faculty and for using rating results to improve administration.
  • General Education (1 student): responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of general education demands a responsive and evolving philosophy of general education, meets often in fall and early spring semesters, around 30 courses to review each year.
  • Honor Court (8 students): administers the honor code as set forth in the Student Handbook.
  • Learning Environment (2 students): ensures that faculty input is given at the early stages of discussions on academic matters affecting faculty, students, and the learning environment at UTC, in relation to the best design requirements needed for students to achieve learning outcomes.  
  • Student Media Board (3 students): supervision and policy making for student publications and media. A detailed description of the board and its work is set forth in the Manual for Student Publications
  • Undergraduate Academic Standards (2 students): review and make recommendations for undergraduate standards and work with financial aid office on scholarship selections.
  • Undergraduate Admissions (1 student): supervises general admissions policy, reviews special admission cases, and meets mostly online.
  • Undergraduate Curriculum (2 students): Supervises the development of the undergraduate curriculum, meets often in fall and early spring semesters, over 100 proposals to review each year/
  • Undergraduate Petitions (1 student): considers undergraduate student petitions for exceptions to academic regulations, meets often


For more detailed information about the committees, review the bylaws on our website:


For more specific questions, email Faculty Senate: