Dr. Moise (Mo) Baptiste currently serves as the Executive Director of Student Affairs at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the Global Director of Educational Affairs for the Haitian-American Caucus. Dr. Baptiste has served as the Instructor of Record at both Miami University (OH) and Ithaca College (NY) where his courses included: Education and Society, Youth Culture, Resistance and Education, Social and Cultural Foundations in Education and The Mis-Education of Haiti. Dr. Baptiste’s research agenda explores how traditional leadership and organizational theories have been conceptualized and the intricate ways in which these theories are used to maintain systems of dominations.

Dr. Baptiste is the creator of the Leadership from the Margins Theory, which assumes social conflict theory rather than systems theory and, he has identified characteristics that make up these marginalized leaders. Dr. Baptiste also researches the identity formations and performances of males throughout the African Diaspora. Dr. Baptiste’s credentials include an Associate of Arts degree from Kemper Military Academy, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a Master of Science degree in Business Education from Robert Morris University and a Ph.D. from Miami University in Social Foundations in Education.