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Bastianelli Encouragement

Jessica chose encouragement

Jessica Bastianelli will tell you that she has benefited from the faculty members at UTC. She says she feels comfortable at UTC and that her coursework is both rewarding and challenging. She hopes her major in public administration and nonprofit management will launch her career as an advocate for international orphan care and adoption. “The way professors care about their students’ success is astounding. They are always offering encouraging words and the lessons in the classes are so applicable to what I want to do in my career.”

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Bosarge Rewarding

Caitlin chose rewarding

Caitlin Bosarge had lots of friends at her high school in Thompsons Station, Tennessee, and she could have easily followed them to different campuses across the state. But Bosarge chose a different path that led her to UTC. “It was difficult leaving so many friends who went to other schools, but I was accepted into nursing at UTC and has been so rewarding.” Now she has many new friends, and she’s looking forward to a successful career in nursing. Plus she’s discovered something new about herself. “I’m a Moc! Go Mocs!”

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Fink Transfer

Hannah chose to transfer

Do you believe in love at first sight? Hannah Fink does—or perhaps more appropriately, she believes in love at first step. “I decided to transfer to UTC the moment I set foot on campus. From the moment I first stepped on campus, UTC felt like home to me.” After her first tour of UTC, Fink didn’t even visit other campuses. “I loved the caring and friendly environment that was reflected by the faculty and students.”

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Liev Growth

Jasmine chose growth

Jasmine Liev has declared her independence! She is using her time at UTC to learn to live on her own and prepare for a big world beyond the campus. She has found many opportunities at UTC that allow her to explore new interests meet new friends, and gain new insights into the world. With her sights set on graduate school, Liev is making the transition to a young professional leader. “I have grown so much as an individual and a professional through the opportunities I have had at UTC.”

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Sherrell Diversity

Kacie chose diversity

Kacie Sherrell, an elementary education major from Collierville, Tennessee, had lots of options when she was looking for a college, and she thought UTC was going to be at the bottom of her list. But, was she wrong! “I ultimately chose UTC because the campus is diverse and I believed these are opportunities for me to grow into the leader I want to be.” Something told her to give UTC a chance, and she did in a big way. Her list of campus activities runs from a sorority sister to an orientation leader to a PAWS mentor. “You have to put yourself out there or you might miss an opportunity.”

UTC media
White Beginnings

Sarah chose beginnings

Sarah White is majoring in early childhood education because she wants to provide children strong beginnings. She believes in beginnings, and she knows that UTC is a great place for her to begin her career. “There are limitless opportunities. For me, UTC has just been full of new beginnings and great experiences.” For White, UTC has the academic majors and extracurricular activities necessary to succeed in college. “Aside from being the most beautiful campus in Tennessee, UTC has so many opportunities for students. If we don’t have something, then you can start a new group.”

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

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UTC Undergraduate Admissions is a member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) and follows their Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admissions which encompasses best practices.