Welcome to Mosaic!

What is Mosaic?

Our drive to meet the unique needs of students with Autism has made Mosaic one of the most comprehensive programs in the country.

This program began with research and stumbling until the administrators were able to bring out an expert in the field to discuss the development. Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown visited with the program administrators and staff, offering advice and direction during the development phase. Perhaps the best advice she offered was to develop a credit bearing course to attach to the program. This has been the staple of our program and is what keeps the students engaged.

During its formative years, program administrators and staff researched and visited other programs that provide comprehensive support to this population of college students in an attempt to develop Best Practices. We visited and researched notable programs that have been doing this work for a number of years to determine Best Practices and used these components to ensure that we are providing the most comprehensive services on a consistent basis.

Mosaic is a multifaceted and comprehensive program developed to support the holistic needs of degree-seeking UTC students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This program has been in existence since 2008 and was developed out of the request and expressed needs of students with ASD.