It is with great sadness, that the College of Engineering and Computer Science community informs you of the death  of Dr. Ronald B. Cox, Burkett Miller Chair of Excellence and Professor of Engineering Management and Technology. Dr. Cox passed away on January 12, 2017. Funeral service arrangements are available at the link below: 

Engineering Management & Technology Department offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering Technology Management and Master of Science (MS) in Engineering Management.

BS Engineering Technology Management program has two concentrations:

MS Engineering Management program has two concentrations:

The Difference between Engineering Management and Engineering:

Engineering Management


Engineering Managers are Problem Solvers and Implementers.

Engineers are Innovators.

Engineering Managers apply engineering principles to business practice.

Engineers apply science and math in research, development, and design.

Graduates generally enter into: product development, manufacturing operations, testing, technical operations, marketing, construction, or project management.

Graduates generally start at entry-level position in conceptual design, systems engineering,or product R&D.

Jobs are generally more “big picture” and involve people and coordination of activities.

Jobs are generally more research, development, or design.

Coursework includes algebra, trigonometry, applied calculus, and college level sciences. Level of math is not as in-depth as engineering programs. Communication skills are important.

Coursework includes multiple semesters of calculus and sciences.