Preparing for Graduation 

What You Need to Know BEFORE Graduation

1. Complete the Undergraduate Application for Graduation form

  • All students must complete a graduation application to have degrees conferred and awarded. The Application for Graduation is located in MyMocsNet on the Academics Tab.
    • Due dates for Spring and Fall graduating terms: Spring- October 15th, Fall- June 15th

2. Complete the Senior Exit Exam

  • Graduation requirements for all undergraduate students include completion of the Senior Exit Exam. Note: in order to receive your diploma, all graduation candidates are asked to complete the Senior Exit Exam (ETS Proficiency Profile). Although called an exam, it is not what you may think. The exam is NOT GRADED and you don’t have to “pass” to have your diploma released—you just have to take it and answer the multiple choice questions to the best of your ability. Your completion of the Senior Exit Exam allows us to evaluate how well we are preparing you in areas of general education and thus improve our curriculum for future students. The Exam will take about an hour of your time. Remember, you must complete this Exam to receive your diploma, so don’t wait—register for a test date now.
  • For more information and testing dates, contact the Testing Center

3. Financial Aid Exit Interview

  • Students who have had financial aid loans must complete an exit interview
  • For more information, contact Financial Aid

4. Holds Must be Cleared

  • All financial obligations to the University such as fees, tuition, parking fines, library fines, transcript fees, or return of any rented or borrowed equipment must be cleared

5. Possible Petitions

  • Students should check their MyMocsDegree to ensure that (if applicable) petitions have been applied to their degree
  • Students should contact their advisor for questions concerning petitions

6. Additional Graduation Information