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AP® Spanish Language and Culture - Online

This workshop is designed to enhance teacher experience with the AP Spanish Language & Culture Course and Exam.  The course will provide sample materials and classroom activities to help students improve their communicative competence and prepare them for the challenges of the AP exam.  Participants will actively participate and share best practices about how to integrate the three modes of communication into instruction (Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational). There will also be a special focus and overview of teaching the themes of the AP Spanish Language and Culture course through the use of authentic materials and through the use of AP Classroom.



What You Will Learn

  • Strategies to increase student motivation through authentic materials.
  • How to navigate and help student engage with AP Classroom.
  • Techniques to help students organize and improve written and spoken presentations.
  • Methods to increase student participation in interpersonal communication.
  • Effective grading and feedback strategies for the free response speaking and writing question to help students and to better manage your time.
  • Development of cultural knowledge and understanding.
  • Activities and assessments that build students’ communicative and cultural competence.

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How Will You Benefit

  • Examine a range of materials suitable for AP Spanish Language and Culture.
  • Learn communicative methods to increase vocabulary acquisition.
  • Understand how to build proficiency across the three modes of communication.
  • Enhance the teaching of the reading.
  • Create communicative activities for integrating all skills using authentic materials.
  • Develop lessons around authentic resources.
  • Integrate authentic literature in the AP Language and Culture class.
  • Apply the scoring criteria to student samples.

How Online Workshops Will Work 

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No one wants to sit and watch a 32-hour long webinar, so we are working closely with our consultants to develop a modified course schedule that allows you greater flexibility, but still getting the knowledge and skills you need.  

Live-online instruction will be conducted through Zoom while asynchronous learning assignments will be managed through Canvas, the University’s learning management system (LMS).

Once you register, we will provide you with more details on how to access the platforms as well as your materials.

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 Meet the Instructor

Thomas Soth Headshot

Thomas Soth

Thomas Soth, a National Board Certified Teacher, has taught AP Spanish Language since 2001 in North Carolina and is currently teaching Spanish 4, AP Spanish Language and Culture, and AP Spanish Literature and Culture at Chapel Hill High School. He has taught courses at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and is a former president of the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina (FLANC). He has contributed to the AP program in many ways, including presentations at state and regional conferences, as a consultant for the College Board, as an AP reader and Table Leader, and as one of the authors of The Teacher Resource Guide for Cumbre, curso AP de la lengua española

Tom was an ACTFL Teacher of the Year finalist after being named the 2012 Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT) Teacher of the Year. He has helped to review materials for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Community, as well as for the new AP Classroom.  

How to Register

To register, please visit our registration portal. Attendees will need to register using their College Board login credentials. 

If paying by check or purchase order, CPE staff will follow up with an invoice. Please reference invoice number on check.

If you have questions or need assistance registering, please contact cpe@utc.edu or 423-425-4344.

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