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AP® Spanish Language and Culture

This workshop is for new and experienced AP Spanish Language and Culture teachers. Participants will explore and/or review the six themes and recommended contexts of the revised course, and understand the importance of teaching through integrated thematic units.  Emphasis in understanding the six primary learning objectives in the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes will be given.

Course Takeaways

  1. Participants will develop and/or reassess a unit of instruction for their use based on authentic resources.
  2. Participants will practice “AP reading” skills to better assess students’ performance in the areas of interpersonal and presentational written communication and interpersonal and presentational spoken communication.
  3. Participants will review and compile a list of relevant resources and strategies to put into practice.

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About the Instructor

Amarilys Heard

A native from Puerto Rico, Amarilys Heard has been a resident in Florida since 1988.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Language Education from the University of Central Florida, and a Master of Education in Instructional Technology with an emphasis in World Languages from the University of Maryland University College.  Teaching experience includes teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages, Spanish for Natives Speakers, and Spanish as a Second Language.  Currently in her twenty-fifth year of teaching, Amarilys has 10+ years in AP Spanish Language and Culture and in AP Spanish Literature and Culture.  She has been a presenter at the AP Annual Conference, ACTFL Conference, Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) Conference, and at the Florida Foreign Language Association (FFLA) Conference.  As a College Board consultant, she has conducted trainings in Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.  Amarilys sponsors the Florida State Spanish Competition team and the Spanish National Honor Society at her school, Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida.  She enjoys traveling abroad with her students and with her husband and daughters.  She is a strong advocate of teaching and learning languages starting in early childhood and believes that educators are life-long learners who look for opportunities to adapt, modify, or innovate their current practices for better student outcomes.

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Additional Information

Participants are encouraged to bring laptops and examples of their best practices for sharing that focus on interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational skills while using authentic materials.

Each participant receives a copy of the AP Spanish Language and Culture Workshop Handbook, which contains:

    • The Curriculum Framework for the AP Spanish Language and Culture course
    • AP Spanish Language and Culture 2014 Course Description
    • AP Spanish Language and Culture Course Audit information
    • Sample syllabi for AP Spanish Language and Culture and a Syllabus Development Guide
    • Activities that structure the course and suggest appropriate instructional strategies and practices.
    • Complete Curriculum Module

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