of Each One Reach One

  1. Recruit teacher candidates who often lack access to financial support.
  2. Recruit candidates for Hamilton County Schools' critical need areas: Mathematics 6-8, Science 6-8, STEM Chemistry 6-12, STEM Physics 6-12, STEM Secondary Mathematics 6-12, Spanish K-12, and Special Education K-12 Comprehensive. 
  3. Focus on clinical experiences to prepare participants for the realities of education.
  4. Emphasize diversity as a vital instructional tool.
  5. Provide early intervention and preparation for PRAXIS examinations, edTPA completion, and other academic challenges.
  6. Offer support and resources that assist individual students with unique needs and forge a community of learners through enhancements of the cohort model.

Hamilton County Schools' Director of Recruitment and Licensure will work directly with EORO staff to recruit EORO graduates for teaching positions in the needed areas of Math, Science, Foreign Language, and Special Education.