Faculty and Staff

Ted Ross (he/him)

Studio Technician

 [email protected]

304F Fine Arts Center

Angie To (she/her)

Department Head

 [email protected]

304B Fine Arts Center

Amber Hickey

Assistant Professor, Art History

 [email protected]

Fine Arts Center, 304D

Andrew O'Brien (he/him)

Associate Professor

 [email protected]

304E Fine Arts Center

 (423) 425-4464

Becky Nasadowski (she/her)

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

 [email protected]

406B Fine Arts Center

Christina Vogel (she/her)

Associate Professor, Painting and Drawing

 [email protected]

203 Bretske Hall

Heath Schultz (he/him)

Assistant Professor, Foundations

 [email protected]

204 Bretske Hall

Katie Hargrave She/Her

Foundations Coordinator, UC Foundation Associate Professor, Foundations

 [email protected]

202 Bretske Hall

Matt Greenwell (he/him)

UC Foundation Professor, Graphic Design

 [email protected]

405 Fine Arts Centee

 (423) 425-4248

Mark Bradley-Shoup (he/him)

Associate Lecturer, Foundations and Painting & Drawing

 [email protected]

406A Fine Arts Center

Pat Kelley

Pat Kelley (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

 [email protected]

304G Fine Arts Center

 (423) 425-4178

Phillip Andrew Lewis (he/him)

UC Foundation Professor, Photography & Media Art

 [email protected]

404 Fine Arts Center

 (423) 425-4178

Rachel Waldrop (she/her)

Director and Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

 [email protected]

317B Fine Arts Center

Ron Buffington (he/him)

UC Foundation Professor, Painting & Drawing

 [email protected]

403 Fine Arts Center

 (423) 425-5211

Shane Ward (he/him)

Assistant Professor, Sculpture

 [email protected]

310 Fine Arts Center

UTC Table
Faculty Office Hours
Angie To By appt.
Heath Schultz Tues. 12-1 & by appt.
Becky Nasadowski Tues. 11-12 & by appt.
Katie Hargrave Tues. 3-4 & by appt.
Rachel Waldrop By appt.
Ron Buffington By appt.
Mattie Pieschel Wed. 12:30-2 & by appt.
Matt Greenwell By appt.
Amber Hickey Tues. 3-4 & by appt.
Phillip Andrew Lewis Online by appt.
Shane Ward By appt.
Mark Bradley-Shoup By appt.
Ted Ross By appt.
Anna Boyd By appt.
Andrew O'Brien By appt.

The Department of Art

The Department of Art