Institutional Vision, Mission, Core Values


We Engage Students, Inspire Change and Enrich Community.

We nurture students through community connections, tied to our values and our region, grounded in Chattanooga, a great drawing card and we value our place.


The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is a driving force for achieving excellence by actively engaging students, faculty and staff, embracing diversity and inclusion, inspiring positive change and enriching and sustaining our community.

At UTC we develop a community on campus, enable students to go into the global community and we provide a nurturing environment that connects students, community and opportunity.


  • Students are the primary reason we exist as an institution.
  • We live integrity, civility and honesty.
  • We relentlessly pursue excellence.
  • We embrace diversity and inclusion.
  • Creativity, inquiry and scholarship are our culture.

We teach, we learn, we interact, we nurture, we grow citizens for tomorrow, and we do the basics and more.