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exterior photo of stained glass windows patten chapel

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's history includes a deep belief and commitment to the religious freedoms shared by all Americans. Proud and stately symbols of this are seen in two chapels — Patten and Danforth — that anchor the historic quadrangle of campus. In the early years, honor convocations, performance testaments and commencement ceremonies echoed through these walls.

Today, the chapels see mostly wedding and memorial activities. Dedicated in 1919, Patten Chapel is one of the busiest sanctuaries in the city. Reserving either of the chapels should be done as early as possible as almost every weekend is booked, usually up to a year in advance. Outdoor events in either Heritage Plaza or Shakespeare Garden also should be booked as soon as possible to avoid conflicts with weddings or University events.

Patten Chapel seats approximately 400 people in rich oak pews. The brick is a dark reddish brown that has warmed with the years. Highlighted by the brick are the moss and rust-colored stain glass windows. Gothic chandeliers reveal dark brown, ornate woodwork arches that finish the ceiling in the seating chamber. The chancel floor is rich red pottery tile. An organ accompanies the Yamaha grand piano in the chapel.

Danforth Chapel seats approximately 50. Dedicated in 1952, Danforth Chapel is doors face Oak Street where many a couple have left via horse and carriage. The chapel is connected to Hooper-Race halls with nearby restrooms and snack areas. Located across the hall from the English-style Shakespeare Garden outside Patten Chapel, Danforth is perfect for small events that emphasize intimacy.

The Shakespeare Garden, outside Patten Chapel, also is an excellent setting for weddings or other events. Beautiful flowers around a warm brick walk with manicured grass make this a popular choice for small ceremonies and a quiet place to relax. Something is always in bloom, and the many varieties of flowers will add to the beauty of your event. The garden is always open for inspection. Do not hesitate to visit this tranquil space. Please do not hesitate to visit this tranquil and personal space.

Heritage Plaza is the open are between the Library and University Center. Concrete walkways surround a brick paver center with iron tables and benches nearby. Trees and planters help enclose the space for weddings or meeting friends after class. As with the Shakespeare Garden, we take pride in this area. Take time to go over our outdoor venue policy

For information and to obtain a rental application for either Patten or Danforth chapels, and/or Shakespeare Garden for your event, call Laura Cagle at 423-425-4203.

Rental Rates:

  Danforth Chapel
(seats 50)
Patten Chapel
(seats 400)
Shakespeare Garden
Student $400 $600 $200
Staff/Faculty $400 $600 $200
Alumni $450 $900 $400
Non-UTC $550 $1200 $500

Included in Rental

  • 7.5 hours of rental time (including 1.5 consecutive hours of rehearsal time and 6 consecutive hours of event time) unless otherwise arranged prior to the event
  • 1 event staff member for the entire rehearsal and rental times
  • Complimentary parking in UTC Lot #26 Monday - Friday after 5:00pm and all day on Saturday and Sunday in the designated UTC spots (not in any spots that are marked as reserved for surrounding churches)
  • Access to public restrooms in Race/Hooper Halls
  • Access to bridal suite beside Patten Chapel
  • Upon request, a campus map, which indicates entrance routes for the chapel, as well as parking lots which guests may use during the rental

Services included in the rental fee for a chapel wedding

  • Use of the chapel and equipment provided in the chapel for day of the wedding. Access to public restrooms in Race-Hooper halls when available
  • Upon request, a UTC security officer will be available to staff weddings and events. For more information, call UTC Police at 423-425-4357
  • The bridal party will have access to the chapel three hours prior to the wedding until one and a half hours after wedding for cleanup. If more time is needed, a $50 an hour rental rate is charged.
  • The University will provide routine cleaning of the chapels prior to the wedding date.
  • The university provides routine maintenance for the piano in Patten chapel but does not guarantee its operating condition on the day of the wedding.
  • The wedding party and guests may park in University lot 26 at no charge on Saturdays or Sundays or after five p.m. on weekdays.
  • If parking facilities are needed between the hours of eight a.m. and five p.m. on weekdays, a visitor's pass for each vehicle must be purchased from UTC Parking Services in the Bursar's Office on the main floor of the University Center.
  • Upon request, the University will provide the applicant with a map with entrance routes to be followed to the chapel and parking areas at night and on weekends.   

Conditions of Use

  • The University does not allow musical instruments or other items that are secured to the floor to be moved.
  • Any items brought into the chapel for the wedding must be removed immediately after the wedding.
  • Other than through rental of the Patten House, the University does not have facilities available for wedding receptions. 
  • The University does not provide wedding decor or services. (plants, candles ministers, organists, and so on).
  • The chapels are open weekdays from eight a.m. until five p.m., and are locked otherwise
  • The University does not assume liability for personal property left in the chapel.
  • The University does not allow alcohol on state property. 
  • Only non-drip wax candles are allowed on University premises.
  • The University provides no dressing space for a minister, groomsmen or groom.
  • Application procedures for use of chapels or outdoor spaces:
  • Call Laura Cagle to reserve a tentative date for your event at 423-425-4203
  • A 50 percent non-refundable deposit is due with application form. The rental fee balance is due six months prior to wedding.
  • Contact Information

Laura Cagle

Director of University Events