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 link LINK 1 -- ThinkAchieve: Introduction
Incoming and transfer students should be introduced to not only the UTC campus, but also to its community, and  ThinkAchieve:  Creating Connections wants that community to be centered on creative and critical thinking.  To foster this attitude and habit from the very beginning of the UTC experience, there is freshman orientation programming based on Wolcott's work with problem solving (Wolcott, 2006).  The orientation programming introduces students to the concepts of critical and creative thinking and problem solving through small group discussions.  This programming serves as an introduction to ThinkAchieve to further university expectations across the curriculum.



  linkLINK 2 -- ThinkAchieve: In the Classroom
The emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills will continue through UTC's general education program and disciplinary courses.  ThinkAchieve and critical thinking concepts will be integrated across the curriculum, so that every student has the greatest possible chance to achieve this habit of mind. Departments and faculty will define, focus, and assess student critical thinking in courses across the disciplines to help students practice and improve these integral skills.


  linkLINK 3 -- ThinkAchieve: Beyond the Classroom
It has been shown that critical and creative thinking can be developed through active and experiential learning.  At UTC, departments provide opportunities beyond the classroom to allow students to apply curricular materials in a practical setting.  Additionally, the Student Affairs  Division offers a number of co-curricular activities and opportunities for student engagement.  ThinkAchieve: Beyond the Classroom recognizes the value of these opportunities and offers a means to unify these efforts and encourage, track, and reward participation in such activities. 



Wolcott, S.K.  (2006).  Steps for better thinking:  A developmental problem solving process.  Retrieved from