Curriculum Design

The MSW program at UTC prepares students for advanced social work practice. Courses equip students to provide competent services to individuals, groups, and communities as they age through the life course. Graduates of the program will be prepared for employment as social workers in numerous fields and agencies. Graduates of the program will also be able to obtain licensure as clinical social workers.

The MSW-UTC program will provide coursework to meet the needs of students. All required courses will be offered through personalized, face-to-face evening courses paired with online and hybrid delivery as appropriate for the course material. Students will also complete 900 hours of field education (400 hours in the generalist curriculum and 500 hours in the specialist curriculum) under the supervision of the Director of Field Education and assigned agency MSW field instructors. Students develop learning contracts at the beginning of their internships that outline how they will demonstrate mastery of the social work competences and behaviors learned in the classroom.

The generalist curriculum in the MSW-UTC program is completed in 30 credit hours. Generalist courses equip students with the knowledge, skills, and professional values that form the core of generalist social work practice. The specialist curriculum is completed in 30 credit hours emphasizing advanced practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities as they age through the life course. The courses that make up the MSW Program are listed below. The full course descriptions can be reviewed in the UTC Graduate Catalog.

MSW Curriculum Map

Generalist Curriculum                                                             30 hours

SOCW 5111     Theory and Practice I Lab                                                   1 hour

SOCW 5113     Theory and Practice I                                                         3 hours

SOCW 5121     Theory and Practice II Lab                                                  1 hour

SOCW 5123     Theory and Practice II                                                        3 hours

SOCW 5213     Social Policy                                                                         3 hours

SOCW 5223     Theories of Aging and Development                               3 hours

SOCW 5313     Social Work Research I                                                       3 hours

SOCW 5323     Social Work Research II                                                      3 hours

SOCW 5411     Field Seminar I                                                                       1 hour

SOCW 5414     Foundation Field Education I                                             4 hours

SOCW 5421     Field Seminar II                                                                      1 hour

SOCW 5424     Foundation Field Education II                                            4 hours


Summer Semester-For Students Admitted to Advanced Standing                     6 hours

SOCW 5013     Advanced Standing Seminar I                                                                              3 hours

SOCW 5023     Advanced Standing Seminar II                                                                             3 hours


Specialized Curriculum                                                             30 hours

SOCW 5133     Advanced Practice with Aging Families I                          3 hours

SOCW 5143     Advanced Practice with Aging Families II                         3 hours

SOCW 5234     MH & SA Services across the Life Span                            4 hours

SOCW 5244     Leadership and Administration in Social Work               4 hours

SOCW 5333     Program Evaluation I                                                           3 hours

SOCW 5343     Program Evaluation II                                                          3 hours

SOCW 5431     Advanced Field Seminar I                                                     1 hour

SOCW 5434     Advanced Field Education I                                                4 hours

SOCW 5441     Advanced Field Seminar II                                                    1 hour

SOCW 5444     Advanced Field Education II                                               4 hours

For course description(s), please search the course number or name in the current
Graduate Catalog accessed through the UTC Records Office.