Education Specialist (Ed.S.): School Psychology

The Program For The School Psychology Specialty is designed to produce graduates who meet requirements for licensure in school psychology from the Tennessee Department of Education.  We are prepared to utilize commonly accepted "best practices" in our work as school psychologists, and are prepared to provide leadership in our field to schools and other organizations serving children and adolescents. Within the southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia area, 75%-80% of the currently practicing school psychologists are UTC graduates.

UTC School Psychology October 2013


  • 100% of our 2015 graduates are employed in school psychology or pursing higher education.  
  • 100% of our 2015 graduates passed the Praxis at the NCSP level.
  • 100 % of 2015 graduates have or will be seeking the addition of the National Certification of School Psychologists (NCSP) credential.

  • Two 2014 graduates presented at the 2015 NASP Convention in Orlando, Florida.

  • One recent graduate is working towards a Doctoral degree in Education
  • Our graduates are employed in Tennessee, Georgia, Colorado, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, and South Carolina.

100% of 2015 graduates successfully completed the Capstone research Project during their Internship year.  Research impacting schools included projects focused on topics such as the following:

  • Development of evidence based instructional goals for students with autism;
  • Outcomes from implementation of RTI for a first grade classroom in an urban school setting;
  • Examination of barriers to implementation of RTI in a rural school district; and
  • Identification of teacher perceptions regarding a tiered intervention approach

What is a School Psychologist?

Congratulations to Darolyn Monroig, who was named the 2017 Pearson Minority Scholarship winner!