2019 ReSEARCH Dialogues Pitch Competition Winners

Undergraduate Lightning Round

Department:  Computer Science and Engineering

Prize:  $100 gift card + $1,000 Student SEARCH Award (for continuing UTC students)

Title:  VIGOR, A Virtual, Individualized and Generative Orchestrator for Rehabilitation

Abstract:  VIGOR, A Virtual, Individualized and Generative Orchestrator for Rehabilitation

Department:  College of Engineering and Computer Science

Prize:  $75 gift card

Title:  Nanomaterial Characterization and Treatment in Urban Stormwater Runoff 

Abstract:  The presence of nanomaterials in surface water is a growing threat. We aim to characterize how large a threat and also find possible ways to remediate this problem.

Department:  Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science

Prize:  $50 gift card

Title:  Creating a Detailed Site Map of a Unique Closed Depression on the Cumberland Plateau

Abstract:  Collecting ground-truth data and creating a detailed site map of one of the unique closed depressions on the Cumberland Plateau to inform remote sensing and geophysical surveys and to further understand its formation.


Graduate 3 Minute Thesis 

Department:  Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science

Prize:  $200 gift card + $1,000 Student SEARCH Award (for continuing UTC students). 

Title:  All the things we don't know about the four-toed: modeling the distribution of a cryptic, habitat-specific, salamander 

Abstract:  The range of the four-toed salamander in Tennessee is not well understood. Distribution records from the literature show it as wide-ranging, however, seems range-limited in the state when examining known records; perhaps due to habitat requirements. 

Department:  College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies

Prize:  $100 gift card

Title:  Crossed and Uncrossed Visuomotor Reaction Time Training

Abstract:  Using Trazer systems and a visual acuity reaction time tablet, we will measure Olympic Athletes' right and left handed reaction time in conjuction with training their left and right whole body movements.


Department:  Mechanical Engineering

Prize:  $50 gift card

Title: Effects of Optically-Transparent Thermally Insulated Silica Based Aerogel in a Solar Thermal Receiver

Abstract:  Solar energy in recent years has become a very promising sustainable energy source. We are using the miracle material Aerogel to increase the solar thermal receiver efficiency. Ultimately supplying cost effective energy with lower carbon footprint.  


Faculty Elevator Pitch 

Department:  Psychology

Prize:  $1,500 mini-grant and funding to support a part-time graduate assistantship for the 2019-20 academic year

Title: Finding and sustaining motivation and a sense of meaning in medicine

Abstract:  Building an archive of shareable stories from hospital workers at all levels (administrators, physicians, nurses, staff) to illustrate how healthcare professionals experience find and sustain motivation and a sense of meaning in their work.

Department: Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science

Prize:  $1,500 mini-grant

Title: Developing a Model to Map the Potential Areas for Landslide Hazards in Hamilton County, TN using GIS and Remote Sensing

Abstract:  Many hillsides and steep slopes in Hamilton County, TN present areas potentially susceptible to landslide and erosion. This study aims to develop a GIS based model to identify areas that have higher potentials for landslide occurrence.

Department: Art

Prize:  $1,500 mini-grant

Title: Drift Alignment: Artist Book Proposal

Abstract: This project aims to find new ways of addressing the complex and contested history of the US-Mexico border through astrophotography and celestial navigation. I seek support for an experimental artist book featuring work from the series.

Department:  Civil and Chemical Engineering

Prize:  $1,500 mini-grant

Title: Air Glass for Solar Energy Harvesting and Smart Building

Abstract:  We will present aerogel called an air-glass or artificial solid vacuum. We will demonstrate its great potentials for solar energy harvesting and energy efficient smart building.