The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, consistent with state and federal law, seeks to optimize opportunities for business contracting with small and minority-owned businesses.  UTC has an inherent interest in the expansion of the competitive market in which the institution purchases goods and services.  The purchase of goods and services that further the goals of cost-effective value oriented buying, in an expanded competitive market, is the key objective of a UTC Small and Minority-Owned Business Program.

The UTC Small and Minority-Owned Business Program, in the areas of purchasing, construction, design and other professional services, seeks to ensure the placement of a fair proportion of business contracts with such enterprises.

Federal regulations specifically require institutions receiving grant and contract funds to support a small business program which will enable small business enterprises to be considered fairly as subcontractors and suppliers.

UTC is fully committed to the idea of encouraging the development of small and minority-owned businesses by increasing its contract awards to that sector.  To strengthen and expand the University's supplier base, while still providing equal opportunities for all vendors, UTC believes that it is essential to develop successful long-term relationships with small and minority-owned businesses.

Working with vendors that are already capable of meeting UTC's standards of performance, and assisting potential vendors to develop their capabilities whenever possible so they can become viable suppliers, are key components of UTC's intent.  UTC will make every effort to carry through on its commitment to promote a positive business affirmative action program.


The Purchasing Department keeps on file a listing of Small and Minority-Owned Businesses. This listing includes businesses in the following categories.

Bottled Water                 Building Design
Carpet Cleaning             Concrete Finishing
Demolition                      Drywall
Electrical Supplies          Electrical Work                
Financial Advisors          Furniture
General Contractors      Graphic Design                
Gravel                               Interior Design                  
Janitorial Services           Land Development           
Locksmith                        Management Consulting   
Mortgage Lenders          Painting
Plumbing                          Property Leasing             
Steel Fabrication